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Big Boss International/cigars is a new Brand of cigars developed by Entrepreneur, Brand Marketer, Film & Music Entertainment Executive, CEO Kingsley Gardner.


"I decided to get into the cigar business after friend & Client Skoob of the Legendary 90's Hip Hop duo DAS EFX introduced me to his favorite pastime when he likes to be in his grown folk element.

I told Skoob I didn't smoke not even a little, I just like a great red wine with a well-prepared meal.

So I tried my first cigar with my favorite wine and found a great match that enhanced my palet experience,

I later started to experiment with other cigars with different spirits & entrees.

I soon found a new way to unwind after a stressful week of work and catch up with friends and meet new ones at the local cigar Lounge. I then realized there was a whole community of cigar smokers from all walks of life and professions.


After a few years of smoking cigars, I then wanted to share my experience of smoking cigars with my friends & business associates. For most of my adult life, I've been self-employed because I truly enjoy the freedom of making my own rules in my life. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge of business and entrepreneurship with others, so I developed my own brand of cigars that I could share with the world; but most of all, continue to Live the dream of being a Boss, a Big Boss."

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